Presentations are seamless and less cumbersome by leaving the laptop behind and using on-the-go OSConnect to deliver presentations quickly – as easy as connecting directly to the display. 

Our tech offers hobbyists reliable compute power for their DIY projects. Freeing up space for vital or critical equipment in high-demand environments such as disaster response command centers, emergency vehicles, law enforcement situations, mobile labs and government offices is another added value of intergrating the Osconnect with your business.

The OSConnect will simplify the difficult task of planning and implementing lab environments within educational institutions. Instead of the IT professional trying to plan space, OSConnect is the solution that will redirect the focus back to the technology and the end users.

OSConnect meets the increasing demand for IoT and smart technology in business and home applications (like driving smart homes) while providing project managers and contractors the ability to share plans, make updates and give safety briefings at the job site. 

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