Mobile computing is one of the hottest trends in the consumer sector today. Driven largely by video, web-browsing, gaming, and other just-for-fun applications, it has quickly moved from gadget status to a must-have for consumers. This technology is especially important given the new generation of customers that have lived their entire lives in a digital world; it's how they live, work, and interact. Individuals now prefer handy technological solutions for all of their needs in every discipline, from accounting to medical, geography to astronomy. Consumers are looking for a computing device with a highly efficient operating system that helps them store their data and operate from remote locations. The market has evolved rapidly from desktop to tablet computers, creating huge potential for new IT players. 

What is OSConnect?

OSConnect is a portable, powerful energy-efficient computer with the latest version of Windows10 Home Pro 4G/64bit that fits in the palm of your hand. This palm-sized computer on Beast Mode can connect to any display or computer using HDMI, High-speed USB, Wifi, or Bluetooth. Its custom-designed motherboard separates it from the competition, moreover, it is also fully customizable for customers with unique products or needs i.e gaming, audio & video production, HVAC, network security, VR, signage and more!

  OSConnect turns any display with an HDMI port into a fully functional computer with the options of Windows 10 Home/Home Pro/Professional pre-installed and fully licensed. OSConnect also offers Android & Linux installations allowing for a flexible experience for tech-savvy customers, programmers, and application developers.

  OSConnect surpasses the competition with the ability to consume less power than traditional desktops or laptops without a decline in performance, as well as staying "cool." Our device comes equipped with dual professional cooling fans for heat dissipation. OSConnect is also equipped with the latest generation Intel Apollo Lake N3550 processor, which is a newer more powerful processor than current competing offerings. Also, OSConnect will accommodate video output to multiple displays at the highest quality, i.e. 4k. 


  • ​Smart, portable, and powerful energy-efficient computing using Intel processing with the latest version of Microsoft Windows 

  • Fully customizable for customers having unique products or requirements 

  • Additional connectivity via USB 3.0, USB Type C, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, and Micro SD Card Reader

  • OSConnect ships pre-installed with Windows 10 Home pro, with the option of upgrading to Windows 10 Professional. 

  • OSConnect also offers Android & Linux split capabilities allowing for a more flexible unit for the "D.I.Y" consumer, programmers, and application developers.

  • With the latest-generation Ice Lake processors and graphics card driving the OSConnect, you are now entering the realm of a newer manufacturing process allowing for a more powerful, yet cooler-running quad-core processor. Apollo Lake processors are based on the Goldmont architecture, utilizing Intel’s industry-leading 14 nm process technology.

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