Pro audio/visual benefits

OSConnect is the all-around solution in the AV World, requiring less footprint and cable mangle & tangle than that of traditional technologies i.e. Desktops, Laptops, Playback Systems, etc.

In addition to that, huge drayage costs can now be eliminated on big trade shows where computers play the main role of content delivery on the exhibit floor, meanwhile creating content to power the show from behind the scenes.

OSConnect can meet the demand as well as be the standard for Kiosk Digital Signage and Meeting Room applications just to name a few.

OSConnect is the perfect media streaming center that enables you to take High-quality entertainment with you, anywhere.  Your favorite movies, television shows, games, music applications, and of course, live streaming.  Expand your mobile experience, un-plug, and explore the benefits. 

Supports Ultra HD 4K on 3 independent displays via 3 simultaneous graphics pipes!  

-An affordable option for events to be seen live from virtually anywhere online

  • -Live video streaming chat feature allows for online audience participation

  • -No limit to how many viewers can watch an event streaming live

  • -On-demand streaming video service provides post-event viewing

  • -Viewing options provide for private, pay per view, or public online access


With OSConnect, you can now take all of your work with you and plug it right into any HDMI displayer port to continue to work as if you never left the house or place of business.  With our 4GB/64bit unit, you can run all of your favorite Music and video software applications flawlessly.    

No more concerning yourself with compatibility issues or spending countless time rendering, exporting, or bouncing files.  Take all of your kits, fx, themes, sounds, clips, samples, custom libraries you name it, and enter the studio with complete confidence knowing you have everything you need to get the job done. 

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